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Unlimited Releases

Check out the brews we're pouring


Whether taking a break or just grabbing another, our non-alcoholic offerings are here for full-flavored imbibing.

Sumpin' For Everyone

Grab a pack of our fave brews and share the love of Lagunitas.

  • Refresher Variety Pack

    Refresher Variety Pack

    Three kinds of our Sparkling Hop Water in one handy Refresher Variety Pack, featuring Hoppy Refresher and new flavors, Blood Orange and Berry+Lemon. Dive in!

  • VarieTea Pack

    VarieTea Pack

    All three of our Spiked & Sparkling Guayusa Teas in one handy Varie-TEA Pack, featuring Peach Slice, Mixed-Up Berries & Yuzu Lemon Squeeze. Deee-lish.

  • VarietI-PAck


    Show up with an IPA for everyone in your crew with a Lagunitas VarietI-PAck! From hoppy to hazy, bring sumpin’ for everyone. Enjoy all of the mouthfeels with this variety of our highly drinkable IPAs.

Limited Releases

Our line of über-limited special seasonal suds.

  • shv6---desktop---bottle
    Limited Release Sep 26

    StereoHopic Vol 6

    StereoHopic Vol 6

    Taste what happens when the dank tangerine dream Altus hops mingles with Yakima’s stone-fruity stunner, Simcoe.

  • willettized---desktop---bottle
    Limited Release Nov 17



    A chocolatey, coffee-y, smoky, Bourbon-y beast of a barrel-aged thing. It’s good to have friends in Kentucky.

  • CUF - Desktop + Mobile - Tap Handle
    Limited Release Oct 19

    Contents Under Fresher

    Contents Under Fresher

    This is the latest leap in Lagunitas’ never-ending quest for capturing the essence of fresh hops.

  • Waldos 12oz Bottle Front Slick
    Limited Release Apr 20



    This is the one. Made in honor of the origins of 420, a triple IPA, with the help of the Waldos themselves…

Disorderly House Series

New and innovative brews from the master brewers of the Lagunitas Disorderly House of Brewing. Highly limited, exclusively on draft, and guaranteed deliciousness.

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