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Disorderly House Series

From Moxee With Love

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The name's Hops... FRESH Hops.

Fresh Hop IPA w/ Roy Farms’ Wet Citra hops

A diabolically delicious West Coast IPA with wet Citra hops from Moxee’s-own Roy Farms! A SPECTREum of aromas, from hops’ danky secret agent cousin and Melon, to candy hearts and strawberry milkshake. From Yakima to Petaluma, from Petaluma to Yakima… From Moxee with Love! Playing exclusively on palates in Ballard and at Yakima’s Fresh Hop Festival.

Beverage Specs



Beer math on ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is pretty straightforward… the Higher the ABV, the more alcohol in the beer. No rocket science necessary.



Generally speaking, a high IBU beer will have a more bitter taste than a lower IBU beer.



The OG measures solids in the wort before fermentation to consistently arrive at the same alcohol content of a beer. Pretty neat, huh?


These hops are fresh picked in Yakima, driven over the hill to our Ballard brewery, and added immediately into the wort, ensuring the highest lupulin-content of every little hop bud.


Citra is an apt name for the hop as it delivers a whole bunch of various citrusy notes, from
orange and grapefruit to lemon peel and lime zest, amplified even further by the freshness of the buds!

Roy Farms

We’re lucky to call our Yakima farmers our friends, and the Roy family among ‘em for years. Located in Moxee, WA, Roy Farms produces some of the highest quality hops this side of the sun.


Ballard TapRoom Exclusive

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Beer 101: Fresh Hops
Beer 101

Beer 101: Fresh Hops

The unspoken rule of fresh hopped beers is they are to be added to the brew within 24 hours of being picked from the field, or as I like to say the “dirt-to-wort” time.  As you may have guessed the fresher the better so being a brewer in Seattle I am a mere couple hours drive from the Yakima Valley where an overwhelming majority of the US hop supply is grown and is one of the largest hop growing regions in the world.

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    Fresh Hop Shilshole

    We took our Shilshole Bay IPA, and loaded it with 100#’s of fresh Citra hops straight from Perrault Farms.

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    Limited Release PNW ONLY

    Shilshole Bay IPA

    Shilshole Bay IPA is a fresh and orange-citrus juicy PacNorWest Coast IPA

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    Limited Release Oct 24

    Contents Under Fresher

    The hops in Fresh Hop IPAs aren’t the same as brewers use in year-round beers. Where those have been dried and kilned for use throughout the year, these just-harvested hops have little pockets of lupulin glands bursting with hop acids & essential oils full of terpenes—the flavor and aroma molecules—yum!

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