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Sumpin' For Everyone

VarieTea Pack


Three Very Unsuspecting Flavors

Our three new delicious, different-kind-of-brews all in one handy box: The Disorderly TeaHouse Varie-TEA Pack. Featuring a fresh new flavor not available elsewhere, the slightly sweet Peach Slice, along with the berrylicious Mixed-Up Berries and the aromatic and tart Yuzu Lemon Squeeze. Our hand-picked Guayusa Tea complements these subtly-sweet flavors with a crisp and herbal-earthiness. Just 100 calories, 0g sugar, 0g carbs, and gluten-free. Boldly brewed. Nothing artificial. All in one. Word.

Beverage Specs

Yuzu Lemon Squeeze

Tart & aromatic citrus notes.

Mixed-Up Berries

Berrylicious raspberry & blackberry aromas.

Peach Slice

Just a hint of slightly sweet peachiness.


Year round

  • 12oz cans



Disorderly TeaHouse Slushie

Disorderly TeaHouse Slushie

This simple slushie recipe will turn a run-of-the-mill afternoon into a bonified party. With Lagunitas’ spiked and sparkling Disorderly TeaHouse and a few other ingredients ya probably have layin’ around the kitchen, you’ll have the ideal warm day libation in your glass.

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  • Lagunitas Brewing Company 12oz Can Disorderly TeaHouse Yuzu Lemon Squeeze Sideways

    Disorderly TeaHouse Yuzu Lemon Squeeze

    This Disorderly TeaHouse puts a way-more-refreshing spin on the classic iced-tea-with-lemon combo–with a whisp of aromatic, tart Yuzu citrus. Our Guayusa Tea complements these subtly-sweet flavors with a crisp and herbal-earthiness.

  • Lagunitas Brewing Company DayTime 12oz can sideways


    98 Cals. 3 Carbs. Light in the things that weigh you down, yet crisp & hop-forward. So it’s more than just the 4% Alc. by Vol. that keeps DayTime sessionable, it’s the flavor. Perfect for when there’s still work to do, or work to avoid.

  • Lagunitas Brewing Company Hazy Wonder 12oz can sideways

    Hazy Wonder

    This fascinating ferment is full of fabulous Sabro, Citra & Cashmere hops for a smooth, tropical fruitiness. A slightly bitter, densely hazy phenomenon that’s strangely light in mouthfeel, keeping you satiated and still coming back for more.

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