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Sonoma County Fire Relief Past, Present, Future


In October of 2017, Sonoma County suffered through the worst fire in its history.  In true Sonoma County fashion, all parts of the region rallied immediately. Neighbors and businesses jumped in to help the people, pets, and livestock that were in danger.

Our hearts went out to our neighbors, families, and co-workers who were affected and we looked for what resources we could immediately provide.

“In all, in 2017, we were able to contribute over $200,000 + resources to the fire relief … Knowing there is a long road of recovery ahead, we have created a program for the next 12 months.”

In all, in 2017, we were able to contribute over $200,000 + resources to the fire relief. Here is a summary of our efforts:

  • On the first day of the fires Lagunitas offered up all our refrigerated trucks to Redwood Empire Food Bank bringing food to the areas needed and sent staff to volunteer.
  • We donated $1/beer from every beer sold in all 4 of our TapRooms across the country (so our deepest thanks to everyone who visited our Taprooms between Oct 9th and Nov 20th and supported the cause!).
  • We partnered with Redwood Credit Union, and donated $100,000 to their North Bay Relief Fund. We joined the Sonoma Pride fundraising effort, brewing a unique beer with Moonlight Brewing Co., with all proceeds going to the King Ridge Foundation.
  • We sent kegs of water to Safari West for all the exotic animals that they courageously saved at the expense of losing their own home. We sent teams of our own employees into the community to volunteer at various points of need & to nonprofits.

We want to express our sincerest thanks to all our Sonoma County friends & neighbors, and all those across the country who have, and will support our fire relief programs, allowing us to do the greatest amount of good. Without you, this could not happen.

If you are throwing a nonprofit fundraising event of your own to raise money for the Sonoma fire relief and you need some beer, please click here to request. We’d love to say “yes!”

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Since day one Lagunitas has been committed to helping our local community by turning beer into money for the cause, and now with a new addition to our Community Giving Program we can support our employees and help nonprofits in a more hands-on way.

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