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For the Love of Hoppy Refresher

Dive into the sparkling, hoppily refreshing taste of Hoppy Refresher. Chock-full of Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops, for a big splash of flavor and zest! This is your new go-to when you need a thirst-quencher, to dial back on the sugar, or to count less calories. ​And just in case you were wondering… Alcohol? Zero.​Carbs? Zilch.​ Calories? Nada.
This'll float your boat any time of day
  • Big Hop Energy

Lagunitas Brewing Company Hoppy Refresher Sparkling Cocktail

Hoppy Refresher Concoctions

We reached out to several trusty mixologists to share their favorite Hoppy Refresher-fueled concoctions. The results surprised even us — and we made the stuff! From Mocktails to Cocktails, here’s a range of different ways to add a hoppy, citrus zing to your drink-time repertoire — without adding cals, carbs, sugar or alc. Download the device-friendly, free digital booklet below.


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Non-Alcoholic Shandy

Non-Alcoholic Shandy

This #DryJuly doesn’t have to be tricky, so treat yourself to this Hoppy Refresher mocktail recipe. This raspberry-lemon wonder whipped up by @boozykooties has two measly grams of carbs if you care about that sort of thing…We’re mostly just taking it as our sign to have one every single day this week. Not doing Dry July? A little birdy told us our #DayTimeIPA or #DisorderlyTeaHouse would be right at home in this recipe in place of the Hoppy Refresher.


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