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For the Love of Hoppy Refresher

We reached out to several trusty mixologists to share their favorite Hoppy Refresher-fueled concoctions. The results surprised even us — and we made the stuff! From Mocktails to Cocktails, here’s a range of different ways to add a hoppy, citrus zing to your drink-time repertoire — without adding cals, carbs, sugar or alc. Download the device-friendly, free digital booklet below.


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  • Lagunitas Brewing Company non-alcohol sparkling Hoppy Refresher 12oz bottle sideways

    Hoppy Refresher

    Crisp, zingy, and hoppily refreshing. This sparkling beverage is made using everything Lagunitas knows about hops. Chock-full of Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops, for a big splash of flavor that’s surprisingly fruity.

  • Lagunitas Brewing Company non-alcohol IPNA 12oz bottle sideways


    IPNA is pure NA satisfaction. A brewer-led labor of love utilizing all of our hops chops and over a year of R&D. Massively dry-hopped and delicious … like a clean, zesty bunch of hops smackin’ you in the face! Yes, in a good way.

  • Lagunitas Brewing Company DayTime 12oz can sideways


    98 Cals. 3 Carbs. Light in the things that weigh you down, yet crisp & hop-forward. So it’s more than just the 4% Alc. by Vol. that keeps DayTime sessionable, it’s the flavor. Perfect for when there’s still work to do, or work to avoid.

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