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On our Petaluma Stage

Shakey Graves

When we asked Shakey Graves to join us in the Lagunitas Petaluma Amphitheater and our CouchTrippin’ to Austin showcases in 2014, we were hanging our hat on his talents and the magnetic energy that follows him. What we didn’t know is what a rocket ship of growth he was on. We’re proud to call him our friend!

When Shakey Graves rolled into Petaluma to play the Lagunitas Amphitheater, we gave him a tour of our Employee Loft where he sang a special saddled-up version of his song “Only Son”.

With a name like Shakey Graves, we wondered if he’d ever performed amongst them. In 2015, we met up with Shakey in an Oakland cemetery for this chillingly beautiful version of “Nobody’s Fool”.

Whether he is playing to hundreds in Lagunitas Petaluma Amphitheater, or thousands in Austin, Newport and beyond, Shakey Graves never ceases to amaze us and his dedicated fans with a show you’re not likely to soon forget.

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We are honored to have worked with Charles Bradley, as he had a way of moving the needle in unexpected and welcomed ways for all those he encountered. Our journey started with Charles Bradley on our CouchTrippin’ to Austin stages, with our friends at Jam In The Van, at our Newport Folk after-parties and, most importantly, in 2015 and 2016 on our Petaluma Amphitheater stage. We will forever be grateful to have shared space on this little speck of dust with such a special man whom we miss dearly and wish him the peace he rightfully deserves.”

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