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Take a look at how these leaders help the blind community gain independence...

Guide Dogs for the Blind


Anyone who has enjoyed one of our beers and seen our logo would be able to tell you how much we love dogs… It is part of our fabric and there really is nothing more fulfilling than enjoying a beer and playing with your hound. But when man’s best friend becomes man’s best assistant, that is truly a thing of beauty.

And that’s exactly the mission of our friends at Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Since the 1940’s Guide Dogs for the Blind have been a pillar of the blind community in helping those who are vision impaired gain their independence and live their best life possible.  Guide Dogs for the Blind does so much more than just provide amazing service animals. Guide Dogs for the Blind also provides a lifetime of care for their hard-working pups by relieving the financial burden that comes along with owning an animal. This is an amazing service that is almost too good to be true and they do all of this at no cost to the client, WOW!

As a nonprofit organization, Guide Dogs for the Blind runs solely on donations and contributions, which as one can imagine, can be quite the task when breeding, training, placement, vet bills, and other costs are factored in.  With our love of dogs and thirst for helping the community, it was no question to help our friends at Guide Dogs for the Blind, with one of our LaguLove Community Grants.  With these funds, they are able to provide their world class service animals to even more folks out there.

If you are interested in how you can help out Guide Dogs for the Blind with a donation, want to take a tour of the facility, or think you or someone you know might be able to utilize a guide dog, or want to experience what Guide Dogs for the Blind is all about with your company please take a moment to scope out their website for more info.

ThankYouVeryMuch to Guide Dogs for the Blind for all that you do for our community!

Lookin’ to raise some FUNds for your non-profit? Or just need some beer for your non-profit party, take a look at our community giving page and see how we might be able to help out your community!  Cheers!

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