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  • Double IPA

    Beer 101: WTF is a Double IPA?

    Whether you’re sprachgefühl or you think it’s all a bunch of omphaloskepsis, we know craft beer terminology can be a bit complicated. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. In our continuing series…

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  • 4-Pack of Waldos'

    Beer 101: Dank Factor

    Let’s back up before the original Waldos collaboration brew, and even before the Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre bust of 2005, and keep going to even before humans were beings, about 25 million years ago (this…

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  • Hoppy_Refresher_Lagunitas_16x9 copy 2

    Hoppy Refresher

    Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher is a fresh take on an old tradition … An IPA-inspired refreshment that’s zero-alcohol, zero-carbohydrate, and zero-calorie, made using everything we know about hops.

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  • DayTime can at the pool

    Beer 101: Low Carb IPA

    We’ve all had those days; for whatever reason, you start imbibing early. You could start with the IPA you knock back one or two of after work, but you know after an hour…

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  • Box with Dark Swan Sour Ale

    Tale of the Dark Swan

    Jeremy is swirling beer. Violently. It’s eddying outside the glass and all over his hand and arm, dripping onto the bar top below.

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  • Lagunitas Brewing Company Cmon Blue Pale Ale tap handle with baseball

    C’mon Blue! Pale Ale

    Chicago doesn’t get much better than a cold beer on a warm game day in Wrigleyville. That’s why we hopped on board with our neighborhood friends to brew a special ale just for…

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  • St. Patrick's Day Massacre | Box with Limited release beer

    St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

    So, way back, before we opened the TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary in Petaluma, we would host weekly parties every Thursday up in our employee Loft, opening the taps at 4:20 to friends of…

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  • SuperCritical | Glass with smoke


    We’ve long known about the close connection between cannabis and hops. Now Lagunitas is excited to partner with a like-minded neighbor in Sonoma County, AbsoluteXtracts, to close the gap further with tandem innovations on…

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  • Lagunitas Barrels


    “Human’s most precious resource is the magic ingredient.” Jeremy Marshall, Lagunitas brewmonster, was talking of time and the barrel-aging process for the 2018 OneHitter Series brew

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  • Dan Schmelzer

    Homegrown Release

    With our new 10-barrel system up and running (and Dan, our new Brewer, at the helm) we’re excited to announce even more new BrewHouse news … the HomeGrown Ballard Series!

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    Secret Agenda

    Peering out from under a dark baseball hat, the founder and brewmaster of Moonlight Brewing Co., Brian Hunt, is standing on the other side of the bar in the Lagunitas loft. He’s just…

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