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Anthony Falco's

Pizza Recipes

Click the links below to snag the recipes and whip up some for yourself! Keep reading to get his tasty dough recipe…

Click the links above to snag the recipes and whip up some for yourself! Keep reading to get his tasty dough recipe…


By: Anthony Falco

Neapolitanish Dough Recipe

*Yields 7x 250 gram dough balls*

1000 grams [8 cups] of flour (90% strong bread flour and 10%whole grain flour)

630 grams [2 ¾ cups] of water room temp (68F-72F)

150 grams [¾ cup] of sourdough starter or biga (room temp 3-12 hours after feeding see recipe)

20 grams [2 tbsp] of extra virgin olive oil

30 grams [2 tbsp] of Sea Salt

Bakers Percentages

100% flour

63% water

15% starter

2% extra virgin olive oil

3% sea salt

Preferment instructions (aka biga, sponge, poolish)

80 grams [½ cup] high protein or bread flour

70 grams [ 6 tbsp] water

0.5 gram [¼ teaspoon] instant yeast

In a bowl add room temperature water and instant yeast, mix together until dissolved. Add flour and mix vigorously until it completely comes together. Cover bowl and allow to sit at room temperature. Use anywhere from 3-15 hours before making pizza dough, as a substitute for sourdough starter.

Step 1. Weigh out all ingredients in separate containers, remove 10 grams of water and reserve.

Step 2. In a large mixing bowl add flours.

Step 3. In a large mixing bowl add water and starter, break up starter into the water.

Step 4. Create a crater in the flour and pour starter and water mixture in the center.

Step 5. Begin mixing with just one hand in the center of the bowl in a clockwise fashion, until the dough all comes together into one ball of dough. Pour in the olive oil and continue to mix, squishing the oil into the dough, When the ball has just come together and the bowl is clean stop mixing, cover the bowl with plastic wrap.

Step 6. Rest for 30 mins.

Step 10. Uncover the dough ball and begin mixing by hand, add the 10 grams of water that had been set aside, slowly add the 30g of sea salt as you mix by hand.

Step 11. In a large lightly oiled container add the entire dough ball, cover and rest for 5 hours at room temperature, give one stretch and fold hold half way through.

Step 12. Remove entire dough ball and place on a lightly floured surface.

Step 13. Very lightly your hands and using your dough cutter and scale begin portioning the dough into 250 gram dough balls.

Step 14. Form a dough ball by folding it in on itself, stitching up the bottom, and creating a smooth ball, be careful to handle the ball quickly and gently so as to not transfer too much heat.

Step 15. Place the dough balls on a lightly floured half sheet 3×2. Lightly flour the surface and cover with plastic wrap and half sheet cover.

Step 16. Proof for 12 -18 hours at a cool room temp or until the dough balls have doubled in size (if the room is warmer proof for less time). Use to make pizza or move to refrigerator.

Step 17. Doughs will be usable for up to 48hrs in the refrigerator.

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